Duronic Intelligent Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

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Duronic Blood Pressure Monitors

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Duronic Blood Pressure Monitors

Duronic is working with outstandingly skilled medical test centres, top quality factories and health organisations in the world to produce highly reliable and easy to use monitors. We understand sometimes simplicity is the best, this is why most of our monitors are 1 touch operation. All the cuffs are designed to be comfortable, easy to fit and highly accurate when taking readings. Batteries are included. Memory storage built in so you can see previous readings on our clear to read displays.

You don’t have to worry if you have never used these machines. Our Instruction manual will teach you how you should put the cuff on properly, when its best to take a measurement and when you should try to avoid. All these tips will make sure you get the accurate information that you need to keep you blood pressure monitored.

Our Models:

BPM080 – Desktop upper arm

BPM150 – Desktop upper arm

BPM400 – Desktop upper arm

BPM450 – Desktop upper arm

BPM490 – Desktop upper arm + Bluetooth – Works with the Lifesense App. available for Android 4.3 and above and Apple. Track your record and do so much more with our fully functional App.

BPM300 – Wrist

Have a browse through the Duronic range of blood pressure monitors on Amazon and read all the reviews to see how our models are helping customers all around the world. We are certain you will find a blood pressure monitor to suit your needs perfectly.